Thursday, April 12, 2007

The majority of the people who are reading this are my Sworn Enemies!

Korea, kimchi, ribs, the DMZ.
Hokkaido, Simon, adventures of the marimo.
End of Life on Mars.
End of Vonnegut.

Much catching up to do here but no time and a tad depressed. So I leave you with this Youtube Friday installment.

Oh, wait, the Asahi has more:

Toyama, the Kyushu-based activist who calls himself a fascist, set up "shop"--a cardboard box on which to sit--in front of Tokyo's Koenji Station one recent evening. He also had several cans of beer in a plastic bag.

Addressing 20 or so passersby, Toyama said: "Let's start the drinking session as usual. But under the election law, I'm afraid I can't treat you. Please buy alcoholic drinks yourselves at a kiosk or a convenience store nearby."

Toyama has followed the same routine since the campaign kicked off on March 22.

Apparently he got 15,000 votes.

Ok, off to Takayama. Be back soon.

- Freemount