Friday, July 04, 2008

Almost sorry to see this one go

I've been saving it for so long!

This is Kiiiiiii. "4 little Joeys". It is pretty kick-ass.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Well, had to work on Monday, so not quite the four-day weekend that I would have hoped for. Hazard of the low-man totem pole thing. Finally decorated my office, though. Three multi-picture frames from several years back from the year-long Asia trip. A beautiful canvas transfer painting from Homesense -- brown, very long and stylized downtown buildings. Moved a few pieces of furniture around, and put up a nice brushed steel floor lamp from IKEA with a 150w halogen bulb to scatter light from the ceiling. Green banker's lamp around the corner of the desk and out go those fluorescents! Also some bamboo in (painting-)matching brown river rocks but now I wonder if the lack of fluorescents will do them in. Will see. Anyway, it's beautiful, and so relaxing.

Took a night walk with the pup at midnight tonight. His first. Very excited, a little rangy, and had to calm him down a bit. We've had rain so he got a bit muddy and had a partial bath afterward. The boy loves to be groomed. The garden is coming along, though a few things need replanting. No sunflowers to speak of, and not sure about the wildflowers. The carrots are there but not growing much. Only the peas are going crazy, and we didn't originally have enough trellises, so they were slinging climbers all over each other.

Anyway, someone recently posted a thread online about Canadian song covers, and the America version of the Eddie Schwartz classic. Well, I haven't heard this since I was a kid, and then I heard it all the time. No video to go with, unfortunately, but I'm glad for the person who put it up so we could have the tune. If you're old enough (or young enough) to remember, sit back and enjoy.

And Happy Canada Day!